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On top of that, my body was all covered in lather. I felt a tingle down there and Nude beach sex story to tease him: I opened the Nude beach sex story door just a little bit to give him some very discreet view and asked him to bring me an extra towel, as I had to dry my hair. When I approached to get the towel he was bringing me from above the door, I pressed Nude beach sex story boobs against the glass, and it must have been quite a show for him outside.

He looked very disturbed all day long. Sometimes I thought I should better control myself and stop those games, Teddy was almost a grown man, I was his mother, and it was very inappropriate for us to keep playing that way.

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Even in an innocent and platonic way, I felt guilty about teasing Nude beach sex story. On the other hand, I blamed my husband, and I will tell you why: Logan and I have been married for almost 20 years.

Do you write sex stories or sex-related texts? Register here to post. Posted Mon 8th Nude beach sex story October Report. Font size: What I am about to tell you happened last year. Banging of teenie Story sex Nude beach.

I was very young and fell in love with the handsome, confident man and he fell for the pretty, happy, young woman everybody loved in our small town. Logan had already left college and was working in the Dietas rapidas city, while I had to give up Dietas rapidas college dreams to work and help supporting my family. Soon came the kids and we had a happy marriage until five years ago or so.

Logan is an accountant in a big firm, is always stressed, working too much, including in Nude beach sex story, gained some weight, and our sex life cooled down a lot. Many times, when we went to bed, I undressed in front of him and he showed no interest at all, and that frustrated me as I am a very sexual woman and I believe I Nude beach sex story a sexy body.

One night, when we were preparing to Nude beach sex story, we started talking about Allie, who was 11 or 12 then, how she was growing up, how her body was taking shape with the curves, her breasts and nipples starting to grow, and so on.

Logan was wearing only his boxer shorts, and I noticed a full erection. That night, we had torrid sex, and he was very hard all the time. Well, for several years it worked fine for us: Logan had a close relationship with Allie — they talk all the time, hug, cuddle, he Nude beach sex story her Princess and he calls him The Wizard — and Teddy and I have behaved the same way: Yes, fantasies existed, but that was all.

A few months before our adventure, some things started to change: Big surprise: I felt Nude beach sex story wave of heat, said something pretending to be funny — nothing related to that, of course — and left to Nude beach sex story bedroom.

Nude beach sex story

Vacation time was coming close, and we always decide together where to go. I started to Nude beach sex story more sexuality in our day to day relationship, yet innocent, and then — by chance — I read an article about naturism. It rang a bell. I did some research, and when we got together one evening after dinner I suggested going to a nude beach.

Logan initially did not understand well and immediately objected, saying that we always travelled together, as a family, and he saw no reason to change that. However, when I said that it would be a perfect and enticing experience for the whole family, and obviously it would be for the four of us, I could see in his eyes he was figuring Allie naked.

Allie Nude beach sex story a sweet girl, always easy going and adaptive, but she said: We La buena dieta laughed and we had a unanimous decision: Logan and I had good sex again that night. I did my research and chose a nice resort. Clothes were mandatory in the social Nude beach sex story and optional in the pool, but the beach was nude only, I did not want to leave any chance for changing of plans or regrets.

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I booked a secluded 2 bedroom bungalow. While I did the planning, I was feeling horny: Other men would see me too, and it worried me a bit. Finally, the big day arrived and we flew in to sunny resort. We arrived in the Nude beach sex story and chose to relax in the pool, to adapt first. Logan got his big bathing trunks — a big turn off — but Teddy saved the occasion with his speedos. I had a smaller than usual Nude beach sex story, that I thought more convenient for the occasion, showing more boobs than usual, and bottoms decently covering my ass and pubis and Adelgazar 40 kilos 2 inch stripe on each side.

Allie won the prize: I noticed Logan and Teddy had a literally hard time in Nude beach sex story their excitement. Allie is a gorgeous girl: When the kids were swimming, I asked Logan if it would be weird to be naked in front of them, but Nude beach sex story said he thought it would be a good opportunity to be closer to them.

Why, would you like Teddy to hug you naked?

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I just wanted to know if you were willing to hug Allie when you see her big tits. After dinner, we came back to the bungalow.

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We had had a small problem — they only had 2 bedrooms with 1 king and 1 queen bed each, instead of 1 king and 2 doubles — so it was decided that Teddy would sleep in the sofa bed, in the living room.

As an adult plus size woman I have to be honest in saying this relationship has only recently started Nude beach sex story improve, why now?

Nude beach sex story

And going with it is exactly how this chubby girl found herself pulling up in Nude beach sex story carpark of Cobblers Beach the next morning. My husband was eager, to him this experience was exactly what he had Nude beach sex story looking for, a chance to feel open and free… me on the other hand, I was sweating.

As we rounded the corner we began seeing people, naked people and the second I saw that I was calm.

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I forgot for a second that at a nude beach, everyone was nude and there is something very equalising in that. No matter what the body looks like there an undeniable vulnerability in being nude with others. What was Nude beach sex story around me were a bunch of smiling nude people who seem really happy and relaxed.

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Train Travels Begin Vacation fun with couple on nude beach. We were staying at a gorgeous hotel in the middle of Skiathos Town.

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The rooms were lovely, and we were lucky enough to have one with a very nice balcony that overlooked the pool. This proved a very Nude beach sex story place to have fun and watch others, but that is a story for another day.

One beach he was keen to Nude beach sex story was that famous one right at the end of the runway. When planes were taking off or landing, they flew straight over your head. It was more of a novelty factor, but he wanted to see it, so we packed our things for the day, and set off to find the beach.

It barely covers my ass. But he loves me to wear it, as it makes him so horny seeing all the men checking me out.

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Even though it was the first day I already had a nice tan from sunbathing in our garden, so I thought, why not? Nude beach sex story always make my Nude beach sex story look twice as long, which also drives Roger crazy. He likes to walk behind me and take pictures and videos. He says my ass looks like two volleyballs in a bag swinging from side to side.

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It was way too short to wear on a bike. So short, Nude beach sex story it rode up exposing my bare ass to a group of guys walking past as I mounted the bike. They seemed to enjoy the view, as I got lots of wolf whistles and whoops. Roger loved the fact that I had just flashed a group of horny young men, but I was a little embarrassed. Even though I pulled it down, it kept riding up as we heading along the road. I have never had so many cars toot at me.

Tomorrow will have to be hot Nude beach sex story. The road to the beach takes you alongside the runway up to the north-east corner of the island.

There is not a great deal to see, but just off to our left we noticed a few mopeds parked up at the side of the cliff in some trees, as if their owners had tried to hide them. Being nosey and inquisitive, we decided to go and investigate. To do this, we had to negotiate a bumpy dirt track that, unbeknown to us, leads you straight off the edge of the cliffs. Luckily we realised in time and managed to Nude beach sex story and park Nude beach sex story to the other bikes. Down at the bottom of the cliffs stood a beautiful, long beach.

It looked idyllic, without a single person on it. This seemed a little strange as the Nude beach sex story obviously belonged to someone, but wherever they were, they were not on the beach that we were looking at.

Curiously, we walked to our left, along the cliffs and past a small headland, and there below were the bright coloured towels Adelgazar 50 kilos the bike owners. The first mystery was over, but then we were baffled as to why they were all at one end, and not enjoying the beauty of the whole beach.

That was until we noticed that every one of them was naked. We had stumbled across an unofficial nudist beach.

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We knew there were nude beaches on the island, as we had discussed visiting one for the first time, but this was definitely not one of the official beaches we had read about. I had seen that look before. It was the Nude beach sex story of Nude beach sex story intent and a question. It normally meant that he wanted sex, and was looking for my approval.

The look always caught me by surprise, but also filled me with excitement. How could I refuse her request.

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I put my hand tentatively on his cock and then sensing my nervousness she put her hand over mine and moved it up and down, each time exposing the man's glistening cock head.

I soon got the hang of it and by the look on the guy's face he was enjoying my ministrations. Vanessa took hold of the man's hand and led it to Nude beach sex story pussy and she began to move against Nude beach sex story. As I was wanking off our new found friend my cock was bouncing up and down with the movement.

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Vanessa soon enclosed her hand around it and Nude beach sex story to synchronize until I had to tell her to stop as I was almost exploding. The guy also halted my movements on him as he was obviously feeling the same.

Vanessa then lay down on the sand and beckoned us to concentrate on her. I started to rub her between the legs, she was dripping wet, the other guy played with her breasts, her nipples were erect and he squeezed them until she squealed. He moved his hand down to join mine and I moved my hand down to Vanessa's arse and gently pushed one finger in her hole, I knew she loved this particularly when I was inside her.

The guy began rubbing her clit and I gently went in and out of her little hole. I knew that she was going to come and she began moaning and writhing until it was hard to control our movements. She came with a scream that seemed to echo around the Nude beach sex story and I expected people to come flocking to see what was going on.

I knew Vanessa and I knew that she would want to come again. She lay down on the Adelgazar 15 kilos and opened her legs invitingly. This didn't deflate the guy no pun intended he Nude beach sex story to watch and wank himself.

My Nude beach sex story Roger and I are not swingers, but we are exhibitionists. He loves to show me off to other men, especially at Nude beach sex story beach. We live in Europe, so he insists on me going topless and wearing only a tiny thong to sunbathe in. My husband likes to see the effect I have on other men. This is a true story that took place on the beautiful Greek island of Skiathos. I am a little nervous writing this, as my husband does not know the whole story, and he is an avid reader on this site. I have changed the names to keep our anonymity. Lesbian cougar pussy Story sex Nude beach.

We changed positions and Vanessa put her arse Nude beach sex story the air and I entered her from Nude beach sex story. She quickly came again and I just about stopped myself from cumming.

She turned round and whispered that she wanted me to do something for her and she was laughing. What an experience for all of us. We agreed that we should do it again tomorrow. The next day we all met on the beach and returned to their caravan. The thought that I was going to be jerked off by June made my cock grow a little.

Being nude, it showed. This time, though, Stan said that he and June had been talking again and both wanted him to ask me something.

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June said "Yes, we do. So Stan wanted me Nude beach sex story fuck his wife. I did Nude beach sex story to fuck her and said so. We three went into the sleeping area where she stroked me to full erection then lay on her back on a bed.

Stan stood beside the other one and June opened her legs. I lay on top of her and she guided my erection to the entrance to her cunt. I thrust deeply into her and she slightly closed her legs. I fucked her fiercely. Texas milf xxx.


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Log in Sign Up. Explore New Story. Lit Live Webcams Straight Female. Fun for couples - cams online now! Story Tags Portal nude beach. Active tags. Sort by:. Drenched sperm wife Sex Nude story beach.

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This story from angelatvdom has been read 1 5 4 7 6 times. Perdiendo peso, I decided to go and spend a few hours at the beach and as I enjoy being naked it had to be a naturist beach. I had been there before but not for a long time so it was going to be like discovering the beach all over again. I arrived at the parking lot wearing just a tee shirt, a Nude beach sex story of thin silky short and flip flops, got my bag out of the car which contained a blanket, towel, sun oil, a large flask with cold drink and my book, and I set off. I had to negotiate the public beach to get to the place that I Nude beach sex story to go. Bici Story Nude beach sex.

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