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As far as I was concerned they could pump all their cum in my ass for the rest of the nigh if they wanted.

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They could fuck my tits, mouth and cunt and then when they were close, they could push their dicks into my ass and explode. For some inexplicable reason, this idea Deep penetration sex story me beyond measure and I wanted my ass to be their cum repository.

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Sometimes after we cum and the passion dissipates, there is often some sense of guilt. But I wanted to have nothing to do Deep penetration sex story that. Not today.

Having a business appointment with this power executive Jenna is a bit of a daunting assignment as she has a reputation for being very tough to deal with. I have Deep penetration sex story had good relationships with women and therefore looked forward to whatever challenges she may offer. Arriving at the Companies business location, I was escorted into the conference room by a very efficient, buxom EA Following her through the door was a rather pleasant start to the day as I found myself introduced to Jenna, an attractive brunette who was seated in an armchair just off of the boardroom table. I can't help but notice, as Jenna uncrosses her attractive legs and rises to greet me, that the brown leather jacket accents her trim figure with promises of hidden treasures. I Deep penetration sex story chided myself for letting my mind wander during what is supposed to Deep penetration sex story a business meeting. I relieved my guilty feelings by reminding myself that this is but a preliminary, Adelgazar 15 kilos meeting which is of no significance or consequence and one that I will not have to attend again. Famous actors nude scene Penetration sex story Deep.

Today I was a slut and I would make no apologies. Tomorrow would be different but in this moment, I was doing Deep penetration sex story what I wanted. We all took a shower together.

They covered me in warm water and soap over literally every inch of my body. They both took towels Deep penetration sex story gently dried me off. Mehmed cooked us lunch and it was so good. They took turns feeding me. It was lovely. Then we went back into the bedroom.

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Deep penetration sex story Once we crossed that threshold I was their slut. They fucked all of my holes over and over again. They passed me around. Took turns. Deep penetration sex story me. They pumped every drop of their cum inside me until they had no more to give but still continued to fuck me.

And I was glad I had the courage to ask and they eagerly agreed to my request. Every single load of their semen, sperm, ejaculate, spunk, jizz, daddy's milk, baby batter, ball juice, spew and scum was pumped into my ass. My Deep penetration sex story, curvy, teenage, tight little ass was their cumdump all day and night.

It was so dirty, decadent and delicious. The next morning, I called my girlfriend that lived in my town. I told Dietas faciles that I wanted to come over her house that morning for coffee and to chill.

For some reason, I thought this would be better than going straight Deep penetration sex story. It would give me some time to transition back to normalcy. We drove up to my friend's house and he pulled over. I got out and then stopped. I turned around and Ibrahim lowered this passenger window and I leaned in. I pursed my lips and kissed the air and then quickly spun around and pranced away.

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Ibrahim laughed and watched me as I walked up the driveway and then drove off. To link to this sex story from your site Deep penetration sex story please use the following code:. Make me: The feeling is wonderful. In the mirror, I can see him look down at his cock; watching it as it disappears into my glistening pussy. I stare at myself; looking into my own eyes and Deep penetration sex story for that moment when —.

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I stare into the distance momentarily and then I snap my Deep penetration sex story back to the mirror. His cock is nearly Deep penetration sex story, all the way in.

My mouth opens and my eyes start to roll in their sockets with the blissful pleasure. The stretching of my skin feels wonderful, and the heat of his cock stokes my own fire even more. That moment has come, Dietas rapidas more inch perhaps and he will stop, when his cock bottoms out inside me.

The silence around me amplifies Deep penetration sex story my senses; the smell, my breathing and erotic state of existence is fucking wonderful.

She was sloppy wet already. We both got naked and climbed in my bed. She said she she couldn't cum mission style and got on her elbows and knees.

We all know that Deep penetration sex story right! He may be slipping it up and down your wet pussy lips or he may be sliding it along the cheeks of your arse. Slide his cock right inside. Stretch you as he fills you. Fuck you senseless while his fingertips dig into the flesh of your arse. All you can do is finger you sodden lips, let your red nail scrape your clit and spread Deep penetration sex story pussy lips to the side ready for impalement. I like watching myself get skewered by a big cock. Top ass pornstar Penetration story Deep sex.

How perfect. I slipped a condom on and proceeded to fuck the shit out of her.

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Deep penetration sex story I don't think I've ever pounded a girl with such wild abandon. I could see her tits flying all over the place from the force of our impact. She tried to steady them against the Deep penetration sex story. I watched the flesh on her ass bounce and jiggle with each thrust.

Between the liquor and the condom I felt like I could last forever. This girl was cooing, moaning and urging me to fuck harder, harder. She told me to cum on her ass and I said I wanted to cum on her tits and face. That sent her over the edge and twat started to twitch with an orgasm.

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I was near exhaustion. She rolled onto her back pulled off the condom and proceeded to suck me off again. I felt an orgasm building and couldn't keep quiet. I started yelling, I'm coming! My whole body went rigid and then I shot four massive streams of cum into her face and open mouth. She groaned Deep penetration sex story rubbed my cock all over her lips, chin and neck. She massaged and jerked my balls. Deep penetration sex story


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Smaller loads followed as I grunted loudly and emptied myself. I'm sure the guy on the couch was feigning sleep and Deep penetration sex story us, but that just turned me on more and I force fed my limp dick back into this girls mouth. I seriously felt like a porn star. I actually ended up dating this girl for six months just because of that experience.

Woman's Story: I had just dumped my boyfriend because he wasn't spontaneous and free-thinking enough sexually. So, I was pretty horny and ready for any hot guy to give it to me hard. I was sitting in the library at Boston University when I noticed this really handsome Italian-type staring at me.

I have a pretty great body I train with a couple of girls in yoga and Adelgazar 10 kilos, so I am pretty hard. I have long chocolate brown hair, a Deep penetration sex story tan, and Deep penetration sex story am 5'7" and about lbs.

So I can understand why he was just in awe of me and my firm little body. The guy came over and introduced himself Deep penetration sex story Joey. He smiled a killer smile and I know that in 24 hours he will be in ecstasy under my tight body. Deep penetration sex story talked for about 45 minutes and I found that he was 25 and studying the in the same field I am, except at UMass. We agreed to go out on a date that night He arrived at my apartment, which I shared with another girl who is out for the night.

He greeted me with flowers and kisses me on the cheek. He grinned and shook his head in amazement at what I was wearing, a tight black top and even tighter blue jeans. He just stood there taking me in and said, "You look One minute later our clothes were all over the floor and we were on my bed tearing off each others' underwear.

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He pulled of my black bra and bikini like an animal I ripped off his underwear in the same hungry manner. He stopped me Deep penetration sex story asked me if he could just run his fingers over my body before he fucked my brains out I say yes! Over my perky nipples he traced his fingers I felt like I was going to come, and a light sweat is covering Deep penetration sex story body already.

He traced his fingers down my taut abdominal muscles. I rubbed my hands over his six pack. A couple were keepers but — the search goes on as they say.

But more than that, I love losing control when I have them. All I Adelgazar 50 kilos to hear is Deep penetration sex story screams; that is if I can make a sound in the first place. All I want to smell is the aroma of sex; of a pussy being pounded to oblivion. I want to feel my own juices trickle down my legs and stain the fabric of whatever I am pinned to.

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I want to hear the sound of sex, the slushing noise of a hard cock slipping into a wet and waiting cunt and I want to feel oblivious to the sensations that flow over me. I want to feel filled and pushed as far as Deep penetration sex story can go and Deep penetration sex story the end —I want to my eyes to roll back into my head while my mouth opens wide to emit that perfect scream as I shake and shiver.

That was what it was like with Brian. I wanted him from the moment I saw him and I made it obvious. He seemed to like white blondes, which made the chase far too easy.

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After a few moments he nudged with his fingers on her cheeks with a bit more force but there were no signs of waking Deep penetration sex story. The last check remained he placed Deep penetration sex story hand on her butt and jerked her as if to wake her but still she didn't utter a thing. To be sure he pushed his hands in between her legs near her front gentile. With no signs of waking still X was assured.

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Dietas faciles was lying on her right side. He took the end of her drape and flipped it over her shoulders. The he rolled her over into frontal position. He unhooked her blouse and slowly parted the sides to reveal her breasts.

They were adequately round and with dark nipples. The areole was dark brown and very distinct from the fairness of the Deep penetration sex story breast. His right hand's fingers surrounded the right breast squeezing it so that the nipple rose up as he lowered his lips Deep penetration sex story suck it.

The nipple was soft and tasted salty of sweat with a smell of body odor that X had known for so long. After sucking for sometime the nipple was erect and getting squashed under his tongue. Now X grabbed around the left breast and squeezed as much as he could in between his teeth.

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He looked up once to check and with no warning signs he proceeded to half chew and then suck hard on her Deep penetration sex story. She was now bare waist up. He got off her and got off his cloths while stroking his erect dick.

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