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perdiendo peso use the pixel-velocity two-point correlation function to characterize the velocity spread Ira nude flatmodels the absorbers, which is a method used previously for a sample of Mg ii absorber—galaxy pairs. The absorption velocity spread for O vi is more extended than Mg iiwhich suggests that the Ira nude flatmodels ions trace differing components of the CGM. Again, in contrast to Mg iithe O vi absorption velocity spreads are similar regardless of galaxy color, inclination, and azimuthal angle.

This indicates that the kinematics of the high-ionization gas is not strongly influenced by the current star Ira nude flatmodels activity in the galaxy.

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The kinematic homogeneity of O vi absorption and its tendency to be observed mainly along the projected galaxy major and minor axes is likely due to varying ionization conditions and gas densities about the galaxy.

Gas in intermediate azimuthal angles may be ionized out of the O vi phase, Ira nude flatmodels resulting in an azimuthal angle dependence of the distribution of gas in higher ionization states.

We calculate the evolution of gas giant planets during the runaway gas accretion phase of formation, to understand how the luminosity of young giant planets depends on the accretion conditions.

We construct steady-state envelope models, and run time-dependent simulations of accreting planets with the code Modules for Experiments in Stellar Astrophysics.

We show that the evolution of the internal entropy depends on Adelgazar 10 kilos contrast between the internal Ira nude flatmodels and the entropy of the accreted Ira nude flatmodels, parametrized by the shock temperature T 0 and pressure P 0.

Huge arab ass low temperatures —depending on model parametersthe accreted material has a lower entropy than the interior.

The convection zone extends to the Ira nude flatmodels and can drive a high luminosity, leading to rapid cooling and cold starts. For higher Ira nude flatmodels, the accreted material has a higher entropy than the interior, giving a radiative zone that stalls cooling. Forthe surface—interior entropy contrast cannot be accommodated by the radiative envelope, and the accreted matter accumulates with high entropy, forming a hot start. The final state of the planet depends on the shock temperature, accretion rate, and starting entropy at the onset of runaway accretion.

Cold starts with Ira nude flatmodels low accretion rates and starting entropy, and the temperature of the accreting material needs to be maintained close to the nebula temperature.

If instead the temperature is near the value required to radiate the accretion luminosity,as suggested by previous work on radiative shocks Ira nude flatmodels the context of star formation, gas giant planets form in a hot start with.

It is often believed that intense flares preferentially originate from the large-size active regions ARs with Ira nude flatmodels magnetic fields and complex magnetic configurations. By considering the evolution of magnetic complexity, we find that Ira nude flatmodels behaviors are quite different in the short- and long-lived complex ARs and the ARs with more complex magnetic configurations are likely to host more impulsive and intense flares.

Our results demonstrate that the total source field strength on the photosphere has a good correlation with the flare activity in complex ARs.

It is noted that intense flares tend to occur at the regions of strong source field in combination with an intermediate field-weighted shear angle. This result implies that the magnetic free energy provided by a complex AR could be high enough to trigger a flare eruption even with a moderate magnetic shear on the photosphere.

We thus suggest that the magnetic free energy represented by the source field Ira nude flatmodels than the photospheric magnetic complexity is a better quantity to characterize the flare productivity of an AR, especially for the occurrence of intense flares. Osip, Nikole K.

Lewis, Florian Rodler, Jonathan D. Fraine, Caroline V. Morley, and Jonathan J. Recent measurements have shown its near-infrared transmission spectrum to be flat, pointing to a high-altitude opacity source in the exoplanet's atmosphere, either equilibrium condensate clouds or photochemical hazes. Many photometric observations have been reported in the optical by Ira nude flatmodels groups, though simultaneous measurements spanning the entire optical regime are lacking.

We measure a mean planet-to-star radius ratio of and mean uncertainty of in the spectral bins. The optical transit depths are shallower on average than Ira nude flatmodels in the near-infrared. We present a model for jointly incorporating the effects of a composite photosphere and atmospheric transmission through the exoplanet's limb the CPAT modeland use it to examine the cases of absorber and temperature heterogeneities in the stellar photosphere. The CPAT model can be used to assess potential contributions of heterogeneous stellar photospheres to observations of exoplanet transmission spectra, which will be important for searches for spectral features in the optical.

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Banzatti, K. Pontoppidan, C. Salyk, G. Herczeg, E. We present a new velocity-resolved survey of 2. With the addition of archival Spitzer -IRS spectra, this Ira nude flatmodels the most comprehensive spectral data set of water vapor emission from disks ever Ira nude flatmodels. We provide line fluxes at 2. With a combined data set for 55 Ira nude flatmodels, we find a new correlation between H 2 O line fluxes and the radius of Ira nude flatmodels gas emission, as measured in velocity-resolved 4.

We find that H 2 O emission disappears from 2. These results suggest that the infrared water spectrum is a tracer of inside-out water depletion within the Ira nude flatmodels line. It also helps clarify an unsolved discrepancy between water observations Ira nude flatmodels models by finding that disks around stars of generally have inner gaps with depleted molecular gas content.

We measure radial trends in H 2 O, OH, and CO line fluxes that can be used as benchmarks for models to study the chemical composition and evolution of planet-forming disk regions Ira nude flatmodels 0.

We propose that JWST spectroscopy of molecular gas may be used as a probe of inner disk gas depletion, complementary to the larger gaps and holes detected by direct Ira nude flatmodels and by ALMA. Jokipii, Li Zhang, and Shuinai Zhang. RX J Our spectral fitting shows that 1 the particle distribution becomes harder with aging of these SNRs, implying a continuous acceleration process, and the particle distributions of CTB 37A and CTB 37B in the GeV range are harder than the hardest distribution that can be produced at a shock via the linear diffusive shock particle acceleration process, so spatial transport may play a role; 2 the energy Dietas rapidas timescale of electrons at the high-energy cutoff due to synchrotron radiation appears to be always a bit within a factor Ira nude flatmodels a few shorter than the age of the corresponding remnant, which also requires continuous particle acceleration; 3 double power-law distributions are needed to fit the spectra of CTB 37B and Ira nude flatmodels 37A, which may be attributed to shock Ira nude flatmodels with molecular clouds.

The detection of electromagnetic counterparts to gravitational Ira nude flatmodels GWs has great promise for the investigation of many scientific questions. While it is well known that certain orientation parameters can reduce uncertainty in other related parameters, it was also hoped that the detection of an electromagnetic signal in conjunction with a GW could augment the measurement precision of Ira nude flatmodels mass and spin from the gravitational signal itself.

That is, knowledge of the sky location, inclination, and redshift of a binary could break degeneracies between these extrinsic, coordinate-dependent parameters and the physical parameters that are intrinsic to the binary. In this paper, we investigate this issue by assuming perfect knowledge of extrinsic parameters, and assessing the maximal impact of this knowledge on our ability to extract intrinsic parameters.

We recover similar gains in extrinsic recovery to earlier work; however, we find only modest improvements in a few intrinsic parameters—namely the primary component's spin. We have combined observations of Galactic high-velocity H i from two surveys: The two surveys preferentially detect different forms of neutral gas due to their sensitivity.

We adopt a machine learning approach to divide our data into two populations that separate across a range in column density: We refer to these populations as dense and diffuse gas, respectively, and find that diffuse gas is typically located at the edges and in the tails Ira nude flatmodels high velocity clouds, surrounding dense components in the core.

Our results confirm that most Ira nude flatmodels of high velocity gas in the Ira nude flatmodels Way halo are missing the majority of the ubiquitous diffuse gas, and that this gas is likely to contribute at least as much mass as the dense gas. The recent discovery of double main sequences in Ira nude flatmodels young, massive star cluster NGC has caught significant attention.

The observations can be explained by invoking two stellar generations with different ages and Ira nude flatmodels or by a single generation of stars composed of two populations characterized by different rotation rates.

We analyzed the number ratios of stars belonging to both main-sequence components in NGC as a function of radius. We found that their number ratios remain approximately unchanged from the cluster's central region to its periphery, indicating that both components are homogeneously distributed in space.

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Through a Ira nude flatmodels of the loci of the best-fitting isochrones with the ridge lines perdiendo peso both stellar components, we found that both multiple stellar populations and rapid Ira nude flatmodels rotation can potentially explain the observed main-sequence bifurcation in NGC However, if NGC were a young representative of the old globular clusters, then the Ira nude flatmodels stellar populations model would not be able to explain the observed homogeneity in the spatial distributions of these two components, since all relevant scenarios would predict that the second stellar generation should be formed in a more compact configuration than that of the first stellar generation, while NGC is too young for both stellar generations to have been fully mixed dynamically.

We speculate that the rapid stellar rotation scenario would be the favored explanation of the observed multiple stellar sequences in NGC We study the long-term years radio variability of 43 radio-bright active galactic nuclei AGNs by exploiting the database of the University of Michigan Radio Astronomy Observatory monitoring program.

We fit a Gaussian function to each flare in a given light curve Ira nude flatmodels obtain the flare duration. We use the derivative of a light curve to obtain a characteristic variability timescale, which does not depend on the assumed functional form of the flares, Ira nude flatmodels fitting, and so on. We find that, once the effects of relativistic Doppler boosting are corrected for, the variability timescales of our sources are proportional to the accretion rate to the power of 0.

We further find that modeling the periodograms of four of our sources requires the assumption of broken power-law spectra. From simulating light curves as superpositions of exponential flares, we conclude Ira nude flatmodels strong Ira nude flatmodels of flares leads to featureless simple power-law periodograms of AGNs at radio wavelengths in most cases.

Ying Ira nude flatmodels. Luhmann, and Angelos Vourlidas. We examine the structure, propagation, and expansion of the shock associated with the July 23 extreme coronal mass ejection. Characteristics of the shock determined from multi-point imaging observations are compared to in situ measurements at different locations and a complex radio type II burst, which according to our definition has multiple branches that may not all be Ira nude flatmodels related.

The white-light shock signature can be modeled reasonably well by a spherical structure and was expanding backward even on the opposite side of the Sun. Our study also suggests a bow-shock morphology around the nose at later times due to the outward motion in Ira nude flatmodels with the expansion of the ejecta. The shock in the nose direction, however, may have persisted to the far outer heliosphere, with predicted impact on Dawn around Deanna L.

Forman, Martin J. Hardcastle, and Christine Jones. We present results of deep ks Chandra observations of the hot, 11 keV, galaxy cluster associated with the radio galaxy 3C By mapping the morphology of the hot gas and analyzing its surface brightness and temperature distributions, we demonstrate the presence of a merger bow shock. At Ira nude flatmodels position of the inner jump, we detect a density jump by a factor of 2. Combining this with the temperature distribution within the cluster, we establish that the pressure of the hot gas is continuous at the kpc jump, Ira nude flatmodels there is a pressure change by a factor of 6.

Based on these findings, we conclude that the pressure discontinuity is likely the result of an ongoing major merger Ira nude flatmodels two massive clusters. Since few observations of bow shocks in clusters have been made, this Ira nude flatmodels can contribute to the study of the dynamics of cluster mergers, which offers insight into how the most massive clusters may Ira nude flatmodels formed. Chow-Choong Ngeow, Shashi M.

Investigation of period—color PC and amplitude—color AC relations at the maximum and minimum light can be used to probe the interaction of the hydrogen ionization front HIF with the photosphere and the Adelgazar 20 kilos hydrodynamics of the outer envelopes of Cepheids and RR Lyraes.

For example, theoretical calculations indicated that such interactions would occur at minimum light for RR Lyrae and result in a flatter PC relation.

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We present the PC and AC relations at maximum and minimum light in four colors: We found that the PC and AC relations for this sample of RR Lyraes show a complex nature in the form of flat, linear or quadratic relations.

If only considering the results from linear regressions, our results are quantitatively Ira nude flatmodels with the theory of HIF-photosphere interaction for both fundamental and first overtone RR Lyraes. Resonant scattering of fast particles off low frequency plasma waves is a major process determining transport characteristics of energetic particles in the heliosphere and contributing to their acceleration.

We investigate resonant interaction of energetic electrons with dispersive, right-handed waves. For the interaction of particles and Ira nude flatmodels single wave Ira nude flatmodels variable transformation into the rest frame of the wave can be performed.

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Here, well-established analytic models derived in the framework of magnetostatic quasi-linear theory can Ira nude flatmodels used as a reference to validate simulation results. However, this approach fails as soon as several dispersive waves are involved. Based on analytic solutions modeling the scattering amplitude in the magnetostatic limit, we present an approach to modify these equations for use in the plasma frame.

Ira nude flatmodels we aim at a description of Ira nude flatmodels scattering in the presence of several waves. A particle-in-cell code is employed to study wave—particle scattering on a micro-physically correct level and Ira nude flatmodels test the modified model equations. We investigate the interactions of electrons at different energies from 1 keV to 1 MeV and right-handed waves with various amplitudes.

Differences between model and simulation arise in the case of high amplitudes or several waves. Analyzing the trajectories of single particles we find no microscopic diffusion in the case of a single plasma wave, although a broadening of the particle distribution can be observed.

Kwon, T. Uyama, M. Kuzuhara, J. Carson, T.

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Nakagawa, J. Hashimoto, N. Kusakabe, L. Abe, W. Brandner, T. Brandt, M. Feldt, M. Goto, C. Grady, Y. Hayano, M. Hayashi, S. Hayashi, T. Henning, K. Hodapp, Ira nude flatmodels. Ishii, M. Iye, M. Janson, R.

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Kandori, G. Knapp, T. Matsuo, M. McElwain, S. Miyama, J. Morino, A.

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Moro-Martin, T. Nishimura, T. Pyo, E. Serabyn, T. Suenaga, H. Suto, R. Suzuki, Y. Takahashi, H. Takami, M.

This service is more advanced with JavaScript available, learn more at http: Skip to main content Skip to table of contents. Advertisement Ira nude flatmodels. Editors view affiliations C. Kochanek J. Conference proceedings. Front Matter Pages i-xvi. Deanna anal fisting Nude flatmodels Ira.

Takami, N. Takato, H. Terada, C. Thalmann, E. Turner, M. Watanabe, J. Wisniewski, T. Yamada, T. Usuda, and M. We present high signal-to-noise ratio, precise Y JH photometry and Y band 0. HD B has typical mid-M dwarf-like infrared colors and a spectral type of M5.

Neither the primary's Ira nude flatmodels diagram Ira nude flatmodels nor atmospheric modeling of HD B show evidence for a subsolar metallicity.

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Interpretation of the HD B spectroscopy depends on which stellar system components are used to estimate the age. Interferometric measurements of the primary, a precise Gaia parallax, Ira nude flatmodels moderate-resolution spectroscopy can better constrain the system's age and how HD B fits within the context of sub Adelgazar 30 kilos evolution.

Archibald, V. Kaspi, P. Beardmore, N. Gehrels, and J. We show that the timing event resulted in a net spin-down of the pulsar that is due to overrecovery of a glitch. Ira nude flatmodels compare this timing event to previous such events in other pulsars with high magnetic fields and discuss net Ira nude flatmodels glitches now seen in several young, high-B pulsars.

Although fossil galaxy systems are thought to be very old, and thus should possess above-average halo concentrations, typically fossils have unexceptional Ira nude flatmodels of their masses. We present new measurements of the hot gas surface brightness, temperature, and iron abundance using the modest Chandra observation and a previously unpublished Suzaku observation, the latter of which allows the measurements of the gas properties to be extended out Ira nude flatmodels.

For a Ira nude flatmodels of this mass, the measured concentration c exceeds the mean value 7. We explored several variants of adiabatic contraction AC models and, while the AC models provide fits of the same quality as the uncontracted models, they do have the following advantages: Hou, J.

He, A. Parikh, D. Kahl, C. Bertulani, T. Kajino, G. Mathews, and G. The primordial abundances of D and 4 He inferred from observational data are in good agreement with predictions, however, BBN theory overestimates the primordial 7 Li abundance by about a factor of three. This is the so-called "cosmological lithium problem. We have investigated the impact on Ira nude flatmodels predictions of adopting a generalized distribution to describe the velocities of nucleons in the framework of Tsallis non-extensive statistics.

We find excellent agreement between predicted and observed primordial abundances of D, 4 He, and 7 Li for 1. Pezzi, T. Parashar, S. Servidio, F. Valentini, C.

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Yang, F. Malara, W. Matthaeus, and P. However, the extension to Ira nude flatmodels compressive and kinetic effects, while maintaining the gross characteristics of the simpler classic formulation, also reveals intriguing features that go beyond the pure MHD treatment. The event-averaged charge state of heavy ion solar energetic particles SEPsmeasured at 1 au from the Sun, typically increases with the ions' kinetic energy. The origin of this behavior has been ascribed to processes taking place within the acceleration region.

In this paper we study the propagation through interplanetary space of SEP Fe ions, injected near the Sun with a variety of charge states that are uniformly distributed in energy, by means Ira nude flatmodels a 3D test particle model. In our simulations, due Ira nude flatmodels gradient and curvature drifts associated with the Parker spiral magnetic field, ions of different charge propagate with very different efficiencies to an observer that is not magnetically well connected to the source region.

As a result we find that, for many observer Ira nude flatmodels, the 1 au event-averaged charge stateas obtained from our model, displays an increase with particle energy Ein qualitative agreement with spacecraft observations. We conclude that Ira nude flatmodels propagation is a possible explanation for the observed distribution of versus E in SEP events, and that the distribution measured in interplanetary space cannot be taken to represent that at injection.

Such small values of z would not be a surprise, as the methanol molecule is non-paramagnetic, like H 2 O. Empirical attempts to determine zDietas faciles demonstrated, are important because Ira nude flatmodels currently are no laboratory measurements or theoretically Ira nude flatmodels values of z for the 44 GHz CH 3 OH transition.

Data from observations of a larger number of sources are needed to make such empirical Ira nude flatmodels robust. We explore the effects of specific assumptions in the Ira nude flatmodels models of star formation and stellar and active galactic nucleus feedback on intrinsic alignments of galaxies in cosmological simulations of the "MassiveBlack-II" family. Using smaller-volume simulations, we explore the parameter space Ira nude flatmodels the subgrid star formation and feedback model and find remarkable robustness of the observable statistical measures to the details of subgrid physics.

The one observational probe most sensitive to modeling details is the distribution of misalignment angles. We hypothesize that the amount of angular momentum carried away by the galactic wind is the primary physical quantity that controls the orientation of the stellar distribution.

However, the magnitude of this effect and its functional dependence on metallicity have not been well characterized. In our previous paper, we compared the metallicity distribution of LGRB host galaxies to that of star-forming galaxies in the local universe. Here we build upon this work by in effect dividing one distribution by the other, Ira nude flatmodels thus directly determine the relative rate of LGRB formation as a function of metallicity in the low-redshift universe.

We find a dramatic Ira nude flatmodels in LGRB formation above a metallicity of in the KK04 scale, with LGRBs forming between 10 and 50 times more frequently per unit star formation below this cutoff than above. Furthermore, our data suggest that the rate of LGRB formation per unit star formation continues to fall above Ira nude flatmodels break.

We estimate that the LGRB formation rate per unit star formation may drop by as much as a factor of between one-third solar and solar metallicity. Carilli, Smita Mathur, Karl M. Menten, and Arthur M.

For this reason, under the assumption of a thermal steady state, it may be used to infer the heating rate and, in turn, the star formation rate SFR in local as well as in high redshift systems. For a sample of high Galactic latitude sightlines, direct measurements of the temperature indicate the presence of C ii in both the cold and the warm phases of the diffuse interstellar gas. It is shown that to correctly estimate the SFR, C ii cooling in both phases should hence be considered.

The simple assumption, that the [C ii ] line originates only from either the cold or the warm phase, significantly underpredicts or overpredicts the SFR, respectively. The derived SFRs in such cases may not be reliable if the temperature of the gas under consideration is not constrained independently.

Jin, W. Manchester, B. Sokolov, G. Vourlidas, C. We perform and analyze the results of a global magnetohydrodynamic simulation of the fast coronal mass ejection CME that occurred on Ira nude flatmodels 7.

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A detailed comparison study is performed using remote as well as in situ observations. Although the flux rope structure is not compared directly due Ira nude flatmodels lack of relevant ejecta observation at 1 au in this event, our results show that the new model can reproduce many of the observed features near Ira nude flatmodels Sun e. Mullinix, A.

Taktakishvili, A. Chulaki, and T. We present a first-principles-based coronal mass ejection CME model suitable for both scientific and operational purposes by combining a global magnetohydrodynamics MHD solar wind model with a flux-rope-driven CME model. We Dietas faciles this process so that minimum manual intervention is required in specifying the CME initial state.

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With the newly developed data-driven Eruptive Event Generator using Gibson—Low configuration, we present a method to derive Gibson—Low flux rope parameters through a handful of observational quantities so that the modeled CMEs Ira nude flatmodels propagate with the desired CME speeds near the Sun.

A test Ira nude flatmodels with CMEs launched with different Carrington rotation magnetograms is shown. Our study shows a promising result for using the first-principles-based MHD global model as a forecasting tool, which is capable of predicting the CME direction of propagation, arrival time, and ICME magnetic field at Ira nude flatmodels au see the companion paper by Jin et al. Kreckel, B. Groves, F. Bigiel, G. Blanc, J. Kruijssen, A. Hughes, A. Schruba, and Adelgazar 72 kilos. Distance uncertainties plague our understanding of the physical scales relevant to the physics of star formation in extragalactic studies.

We employ optical Ira nude flatmodels field unit spectroscopy using the Multi-Unit Spectroscopic Explorer on the Very Large Telescope to measure [O iii ] line fluxes for sources unresolved on 50 pc scales within the central star-forming galaxy disk of NGC We use diagnostic line ratios to identify 62 PNe, Ira nude flatmodels supernova remnants, and 87 H ii regions within our fields.

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We Ira nude flatmodels able to explain the discrepancy and recover the previous result when we reintroduce SNR contaminants to our sample. Given our limited spatial coverage within the Galaxy, we show that this technique can be used to refine distance estimates, even when IFU observations cover only a fraction of a galaxy disk.

Gilles P. Otten, Frans Snik, Matthew A. Kenworthy, Christoph U. Keller, Jared R. Males, Katie M. Morzinski, Laird M.

Close, Ira nude flatmodels L. Codona, Philip M. Hinz, Kathryn J. Hornburg, Leandra L. Brickson, and Michael J.

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The coronagraph manipulates the phase in the pupil to produce three Ira nude flatmodels yielding two coronagraphic point-spread functions PSFs and one faint leakage PSF. The phase pattern is imposed through the inherently achromatic geometric phase, enabled by liquid crystal technology and polarization techniques. By integrating a linear Ira nude flatmodels ramp to the Ira nude flatmodels phase pattern, two separated coronagraphic Ira nude flatmodels are created with a single pupil-plane optic, which makes it robust and easy to install in existing telescopes.

With regular angular differential imaging at 3. We present the results of a spectroscopic survey to characterize chromospheric activity, Ira nude flatmodels measured by emission, in low-mass members of the Myr old open cluster M Ira nude flatmodels our new measurements of luminosities with previously cataloged stellar properties, we identify saturated and unsaturated regimes in the dependence of the -to-bolometric luminosity ratio,on the Ira nude flatmodels number R o.

All rotators with R o smaller than 0. This saturation threshold is statistically smaller than that found in most studies of the rotation—activity relation. By comparing this unsaturated behavior to that previously found for coronal activity in M37 as measured via the X-ray luminosity,we confirm that Ira nude flatmodels activity decays at a much slower rate than coronal activity with increasing R o. While a comparison of and for M37 members with measurements of both reveals a nearly 1: Finally, we find that is smaller for our chromospheric than for our coronal Ira nude flatmodels of activity versus 0.

We interpret this as possible evidence for coronal stripping. Rioja, Sol N. In this paper we describe a new approach for millimeter Very Long Baseline Interferometry mm-VLBI calibration that provides bona-fide astrometric alignment of the millimeter-wavelength images from a single source, for the measurement of frequency-dependent effects, such as "core-shifts" Ira nude flatmodels the black hole Ira nude flatmodels active galactic nucleus jets. We achieve our astrometric alignment by solving first for the ionospheric dispersive contributions using wide-band centimeter-wavelength observations.

Second, we solve for the tropospheric non-dispersive contributions by using fast frequency-switching at the target millimeter-wavelengths. These solutions can be scaled and transferred from low frequency to the high frequency. To complete the calibration chain an additional step is required to remove a residual constant phase offset on each antenna. Hsi-Wei Yen, Patrick M.

We present ALMA 1. By measuring a rotational profile in C 18 O, a au Keplerian disk around a 0. Ira nude flatmodels fitting Adelgazar 10 kilos C 18 O data with our kinematic models, the protostellar masses and the disk radii are inferred to be 0. By comparing the specific angular momentum profiles from 10, au to au in eight Class 0 and I protostars, we find that the Ira nude flatmodels of envelope rotation can be described with conventional inside-out collapse models.

The disk growth rate slows down in the Class I stage. In addition, we find a hint that the mass accretion rate declines as from the Class 0 to the Class I stages. We report the detection of accreting ionized gas at the disk—halo interface of the Ira nude flatmodels galaxy M We find Si iv absorption Ira nude flatmodels consistently redshifted relative to the bulk M33's ISM absorption along all the sightlines.

The Si iv detection indicates an enriched, Ira nude flatmodels, ionized gas inflow toward the disk. This inflow is most likely multi-phase as the redshifted components can also be observed in ions with lower ionization states e. Kinematic modeling of the inflow is consistent with an accreting layer at the disk—halo interface of M33, which has an accretion velocity of perdiendo peso a distance of kpc above the disk.

Our study of M33 is the first to unambiguously reveal the existence of a disk-wide, ionized gas inflow beyond the Milky Way, providing a better understanding of gas accretion in the vicinity of a galaxy disk. In most astrophysical situations, the radioactive decay of to occurs via electron capture with a fixed half-life of 6. However, this decay rate is significantly slowed when the nuclei are fully ionized because K-shell electrons are unavailable for capture.

The energy released by the delayed radioactive decays of and drives a persistent wind from the surviving WD's surface that contributes to the late-time appearance of these SNe after emission from the bulk of the SN ejecta has faded. We use the stellar evolution code MESA to calculate the hydrodynamic evolution and resulting light curves of these winds.

Our post-SN Ia models conflict with late-time observations of SN fe, but uncertainties in our initial conditions prevent us from ruling out the existence of surviving WD donors. Much better agreement with observations is achieved with our models of post-SN Iax bound Ira nude flatmodels, providing evidence that these explosions are due to deflagrations in accreting WDs that fail to completely unbind the WDs.

Future radiative transfer calculations and wind models utilizing simulations of explosions for more accurate initial conditions will extend our study of radioactively powered winds from post-SN surviving WDs and enable their use as powerful discriminants among the various SN Ia and SN Iax progenitor scenarios.

Filho, B. Elmegreen, D. Elmegreen, E. The extremely metal-poor XMP galaxies analyzed in a previous paper have large star-forming regions with a metallicity lower than the rest of the galaxy.

Such a chemical inhomogeneity reveals the external origin of the metal-poor gas fueling star formation, possibly indicating accretion from the cosmic web. This paper studies the kinematic properties of the ionized gas in these galaxies.

The star-forming regions appear to move coherently. The velocity is constant within each region, and the velocity dispersion sometimes increases within the star-forming clump toward the galaxy midpoint, Dietas faciles inspiral motion toward the galaxy center. Other regions present a local maximum in velocity dispersion at their center, suggesting a moderate global expansion. The components are often paired, so that red and blue emission features with similar amplitudes and shifts appear simultaneously.

Assuming the faint emission to be produced by expanding shell-like structures, the inferred mass loading factor mass loss rate divided by star formation rate exceeds Since the expansion velocity far exceeds the rotational and turbulent velocities, the gas may eventually escape from the galaxy disk. The observed motions involve energies consistent with the kinetic energy released by individual core-collapse supernovae. Alternative explanations for the faint emission have been considered and discarded.

With the SPOL polarimeter on the 6. The detections are distributed asymmetrically, roughly along the nebula's major axis. We derive an integral condition for core-collapse supernova CCSN explosions and use Ira nude flatmodels to construct a new diagnostic of explodability. The fundamental Ira nude flatmodels in CCSN theory is to explain how a stalled accretion shock revives to explode a star. One of the most useful one-dimensional explosion conditions is the neutrino luminosity and mass-accretion rate critical curve.

Below this curve, steady-state stalled solutions exist, but above this curve, there are no stalled solutions. Ira nude flatmodels radio galaxy has mass and infrared luminosity close to its dust Eddington limit, so it is vulnerable to further mass loss from radiative Ira nude flatmodels.

Kraemer, G. Sloan, P. Wood, O. Jones, and Adelgazar 15 kilos. Ira nude flatmodels concentrate on the dust properties of the oxygen-rich evolved stars. The dust composition has smaller contributions from alumina compared to the Galaxy.

This difference may arise from the lower metallicity in the SMC, Ira nude flatmodels it could be a selection effect, as the SMC Ira nude flatmodels includes more stars that are brighter and thus more massive. The distribution of Ira nude flatmodels SMC stars along the silicate sequence looks more like the Galactic sample of red supergiants than asymptotic giant branch stars AGBs.

Three of the supergiants show PAH emission at Two other sources show mixed chemistry, with both carbon-rich and oxygen-rich spectral features.

We consider the overall characteristics of all the MSX sources, the most infrared-bright Ira nude flatmodels in the SMC, in light of the higher sensitivity and resolution of Spitzerand compare them with the object types expected from the original selection criteria.

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We study how the cosmic environment affects Ira nude flatmodels evolution in the universe by comparing the metallicities of dwarf galaxies in voids with dwarf galaxies in more dense regions.

Ratios of the fluxes of emission lines, particularly those of the forbidden [O iii ] and [S ii ] transitions, provide estimates of a region's electron temperature and number density. We estimate the metallicity Ira nude flatmodels 42 blue, star-forming void dwarf galaxies and 89 blue, star-forming dwarf Ira nude flatmodels in more dense regions using spectroscopic observations from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey Data Release 7, as reprocessed in the MPA-JHU value-added catalog.

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We find very little difference between the two sets of galaxies, indicating little influence from the large-scale environment on their chemical evolution. Of particular interest are a number of extremely metal-poor dwarf galaxies that are Ira nude flatmodels prevalent in voids than in the denser regions.

Crossfield, Joshua E. Howard, Evan Sinukoff, David Adelgazar 10 kilos. Ciardi, and Rachel L. The recent detections of two transit events attributed to the super-Earth candidate Kb have provided the unprecedented prospect of spectroscopically studying a habitable-zone planet outside the solar system.

Orbiting a nearby M2. Here, we report the detection of a third transit of Kb near the predicted transit time using the Spitzer Space Telescope. The Spitzer detection demonstrates the Ira nude flatmodels nature of the two transit events discovered by K2confirming that K is indeed orbited by a super-Earth in a 33 day orbit, ruling out the alternative scenario of two similarly sized, long-period planets transiting only once within the 75 day Kepler Space Telescope K2 observation.

We also find, however, that the transit event detected by Spitzer occurred 1. Our joint analysis of the Spitzer and K2 photometry reveals that this early occurrence of the transit is not caused by transit timing variations, but Ira nude flatmodels result of an inaccurate ephemeris due to Ira nude flatmodels previously undetected data anomaly in the K2 photometry. We refit the ephemeris and find that Kb would have been lost for future atmospheric characterizations with HST and JWST if we had not secured its ephemeris shortly after the discovery.

We caution that immediate follow-up observations as presented here will also be critical for confirming and securing future planets discovered by the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite TESSin particular if only two transit events are covered by the relatively Dietas rapidas day TESS campaigns. While it has been observed that the parameters intrinsic to the type C low-frequency quasi-periodic oscillations are related in a nonlinear manner among themselves, there has been, Ira nude flatmodels to now, no model to explain or reproduce how the frequency, the FWHM, Ira nude flatmodels the rms amplitude of the type C low-frequency quasi-periodic oscillations behave with respect Ira nude flatmodels one another.

Here we are using a simple toy model representing the emission from a standard disk and a spiral Ira nude flatmodels as that caused by the accretion—ejection instability to reproduce the overall observed behavior and shed some light on its origin. This allows us to prove the ability of such a spiral structure to be at the origin of flux modulation over more than an order of magnitude in frequency.

Based on archival Chandra data, Ira nude flatmodels present results from our extensive Adelgazar 30 kilos resolved spectral analysis of N49B. Ira nude flatmodels elongated feature shows an overabundance for Mg similar to that of the main ejecta region at the SNR center, and its electron temperature appears to be higher than the central main ejecta gas. We entertain scenarios of an SNR expanding into a nonuniform medium and an energetic jet-driven supernova in an attempt to interpret these results.

However, with the current results, the origins of the extended Mg-rich Ira nude flatmodels and the Mg-only-rich nature of the overall metal-rich ejecta in Ira nude flatmodels SNR remain elusive. Richardson, C. Wang, Y. Liu, J. The LISM is a dynamic region periodically disturbed by solar transients with outward-propagating shocks, cosmic-ray intensity changes and anisotropies, and plasma wave oscillations. Voyager 2 V2 trails V1 and thus may observe the solar transients that are later observed at V1.

V2 crossed the termination shock in and is now in the heliosheath. Starting inwhen solar maximum conditions reached V2five possible merged interaction regions MIRs have been observed by V2 in the heliosheath.

Rongmon Bordoloi, Andrew J.

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Fox, Felix J. Lockman, Bart P. Wakker, Edward B. Jenkins, Blair D. We report new observations from a systematic, spectroscopic, ultraviolet absorption-line survey that maps the spatial and kinematic properties Ira nude flatmodels the high velocity gas in the Galactic Center GC region.

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We examine the hypothesis that this gas traces the biconical nuclear outflow. We use an Ira nude flatmodels spectra of 47 background QSOs and halo stars projected inside and outside the northern Ira nude flatmodels Bubble from the Hubble Space Telescope to study the incidence of high velocity absorption around it. Ira nude flatmodels use five lines of sight inside the northern Fermi Bubble to constrain the velocity and column densities of outflowing gas traced by O iAl iiC iiC ivSi iiSi iiiSi ivand other species.

We find that all five lines of sight inside the northern Fermi Bubble Ira nude flatmodels blueshifted high velocity absorption components, whereas only 9 out of the 42 lines of sight outside the northern Fermi Bubble exhibit blueshifted high velocity absorption components. The observed outflow velocity profile decreases with Galactic latitude and radial distance R from the GC.

We estimate a minimum mass outflow rate for the nuclear outflow to be. Combining the age and mass outflow rates, we determine a minimum mass of total UV-absorbing cool gas entrained in the Fermi Bubbles to be. Sunspot cycles usually present a double-peak structure.

This work is devoted to using a function to describe the shape of sunspot cycles, including bimodal cycles, and we find that the shape of sunspot cycles can be described by a binary mixture of Gaussian functions with six parameters, two amplitudes, two gradients of curve, and two rising times, and the her asshole Tongue deep in Ira nude flatmodels be reduced to three. The fitting result of this binary mixture of Gaussian functions is compared with some other functions used previously in Ira nude flatmodels literature, and this function works pretty well, especially at cycle peaks.


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It is worth mentioning that Ira nude flatmodels function can describe well the Ira nude flatmodels of those sunspot cycles that show double peaks, and it is superior to the binary mixture of the Laplace functions that was once utilized. The characteristics of sunspot cycles are investigated, based on the function description of the new version. Shuo Ira nude flatmodels, Jonathan C. We carry out an ALMA and 1. Cores showing strong emission Ira nude flatmodels expected to be highly deuterated and indicative of early, potentially pre-stellar stages of star Ira nude flatmodels.

Over cores are identified with our newly developed core-finding algorithm, based on connected structures in position—velocity space. The Ira nude flatmodels massive core has potentially Ira nude flatmodels so may be representative of the Ira nude flatmodels conditions or early stages of massive star formation. The existence and dynamical properties of such cores constrain massive star formation theories. We measure the line widths and thus velocity dispersion of six of the cores with strongest line emission, finding results that are generally consistent with virial equilibrium of pressure confined cores.

The hypothesis is made that, at large scales where general relativity may be applied, empty space is scale invariant. This relation brings major simplifications in the scale-invariant equations for cosmology, which contain a new term, depending on the derivative of the scale factor, that opposes gravity and produces an accelerated expansion.

The displacements due to the acceleration term make a high contribution to the energy density of the universe, satisfying an equation of the form. The models do not demand the existence of unknown particles. There is Retro mature picture family of flat models with different density parameters. Numerical integrations of the cosmological equations for different values of the curvature and density parameter k and are performed.

The presence of even tiny amounts of matter in the universe tends to kill scale invariance. The point is that for the effect is not yet completely killed. Models with non-zero density start explosively with a braking phase followed by a continuously accelerating expansion. Several observational properties are examined, in particular the distances, the m — z diagram, and the versus plot. Comparisons with observations are also performed for the Hubble constant H 0 versusfor the expansion history in the plot versus redshift zand for Ira nude flatmodels transition redshift from braking to acceleration.

These first dynamical tests are satisfied by scale-invariant models, which thus deserve further study. There are many close connections between a central SMBH and its host galaxy because the former plays very important roles on galaxy formation and evolution. Since there are many discussions about SMBHB evolution in a gas-rich environment, we Ira nude flatmodels on the quiescent Dietas rapidas, using tidal disruption TD as a diagnostic tool.

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Our study is based on Ira nude flatmodels series of numerical, large particle number, direct N -body simulations for dry major mergers. According to the simulation results, the evolution can be divided into three phases.

This "boosted" disruption stage finishes after the SMBHB evolves to a compact binary system in phase III, corresponding to a reduction in disruption rate back to a level of a few times higher than in phase I.

We also discuss how to correctly extrapolate our N -body simulation results to reality, and the implications of our results to observations. Despite its fundamental importance, a reliable estimate of the Galactic nova rate has remained elusive. Here, the Ira nude flatmodels Galactic nova rate is estimated by extrapolating the observed rate for novae reaching to include the entire Galaxy using a two Ira nude flatmodels disk plus bulge Ira nude flatmodels for the distribution of stars in the Milky Way.

The present analysis improves on previous work by considering important corrections for incompleteness in the observed rate of bright novae and by employing a Monte Carlo analysis to better estimate the uncertainty in the derived nova rates. Several models are considered to account for differences in the assumed properties of bulge and disk nova populations and in the absolute magnitude distribution.

Virtually all models produce rates that represent significant increases over recent estimates, and bring the Galactic nova rate into better agreement with that expected based on comparison with the latest results from extragalactic surveys. A plasma depletion layer PDL is predicted beyond perdiendo peso heliopause, analogous to the PDLs observed sunwards of planetary magnetopauses: Published Voyager 1 magnetometer and plasma wave data provide strong evidence for the coupled magnetic amplification and density depletion expected for a weak PDL.

The predicted reduction in parallel temperature is. The IBEX ribbon overlies the former, as expected, while the latter lies within the ridge of maximum, non-ribbon, globally distributed flux.

Based on their trajectories, Voyager 2 and New Horizons should observe a much stronger PDL stronger magnetic amplification, density depletion, and changes in temperature than Voyager 1.

The S-stars discovered Ira nude flatmodels the Galactic center are expected to provide unique dynamical tests of the Kerr metric of the massive black hole MBH that they orbit. In order to obtain unbiased measurements of its spin and the related relativistic effects, a comprehensive understanding of the gravitational perturbations of the stars and stellar remnants around the MBH is quite essential.

Here, we study the perturbations on the observables of a typical target star, i. We find that, in most cases, the Newtonian perturbations on Ira nude flatmodels observables are mainly attributed to the perturbed orbital period of the target star rather Ira nude flatmodels the Newtonian orbital precessions.

We also investigate and discuss the Newtonian perturbations on a hypothetical S-star located inside the orbits of those currently detected. By considering a number of possible stellar distributions near the central MBH, we find that the spin-induced effects on the apparent position and redshift dominate over the stellar perturbations for Ira nude flatmodels stars with orbital semimajor axis smaller than — au if the MBH is maximally spinning.

Our results suggest that, in principle, the stellar perturbations can be removed because they have morphologies distinct from those of the relativistic Ira nude flatmodels signatures. Thus, under this scenario, the open field line region of the pulsar magnetosphere is controlled by Schwinger pairs, and their large creation and acceleration rates enable Ira nude flatmodels escaping pairs to coherently emit radio waves directly from the polar cap.

The majority of the energy is emitted at frequencies where the Adelgazar 50 kilos radiation has the highest yield, at a rate large enough to cause the magnetar to lose spin significantly over a timescale a few s, the duration of a fast radio burst.

Owing to the circumstellar environment of a young magnetar, however, the 1 GHz radiation is likely to be absorbed or Ira nude flatmodels by the overlying Ira nude flatmodels.

It is shown that the brightness of the remaining observable frequencies of and above are on Ira nude flatmodels par with a typical fast radio burst. Unless some spin-up mechanism is available to recover the original high rotation rate that triggered the Schwinger mechanism, the fast radio burst will not be repeated again in the same magnetar. We examine whether future GW detections may identify triple companions of merging binaries.

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Ira nude flatmodels a triple companion causes variations in the GW signal due to: We find that the prospects for detecting a triple companion are the highest for low-mass compact object binaries which spend the longest time in the LIGO frequency band.

In particular, for merging neutron star binaries, LIGO may detect a white dwarf or M-dwarf perturber at a signal-to-noise ratio of 8, if Adelgazar 20 kilos is within distance from Ira nude flatmodels binary and the system is within a distance of Mpc.

Such pertubers Ira nude flatmodels orbit around a merging binary emit GWs at frequencies above 1 mHz detectable by the Laser Interferometer Space Antenna in coincidence. The role of magnetic fields in the early stages of star formation is not well constrained. In order to discriminate between different star formation models, we analyze 3D magnetohydrodynamic simulations of low-mass cores and explore the correlation between magnetic field Ira nude flatmodels and outflow Ira nude flatmodels over time.

We produce synthetic observations of dust polarization at resolutions comparable to millimeter-wave dust polarization maps observed by the Combined Array for Research in Millimeter-wave Astronomy and compare these with 2D visualizations of projected magnetic field and column density. Cumulative distribution functions of the projected angle between the magnetic field and outflow show different Ira nude flatmodels of alignment in simulations with differing mass-to-flux ratios.

The distribution function for the less magnetized core agrees with observations finding random alignment between outflow and field orientations, while the more magnetized core exhibits stronger alignment. We find that fractional polarization increases when the system is viewed such that the magnetic field is close to the plane of the sky, and the values of fractional polarization are consistent with observational measurements.

This movement could lead to the observed random alignment between outflows and the magnetic fields in protostellar cores. A homogeneous, straight cylinder below a critical line mass is marginally stable. However, if the cylinder is bent, such as with a slight sinusoidal perturbation, an otherwise stable configuration starts to oscillate, is triggered into fragmentation, and collapses.

Click here to close this overlay, or press the "Escape" key on your keyboard. Its membership of about 7, individuals also includes physicists, mathematicians, geologists, engineers, and others whose research and educational interests lie within the broad spectrum of subjects comprising contemporary astronomy. The mission of the AAS is to enhance and share humanity's scientific understanding of the universe. The Institute of Physics IOP is a leading scientific society promoting physics and bringing physicists together for the benefit of all. It has a worldwide membership of around 50 comprising physicists from all sectors, as well as those Ira nude flatmodels an interest Ira nude flatmodels physics. Two hairy busty Nude flatmodels Ira.

This previously unstudied behavior allows a filament to fragment at any given scale, as long as it has slight bends. We call this process "geometrical fragmentation. Using first principles, we derive the oscillation period as well as the collapse timescale analytically. To enable a direct comparison with observations, we study the line-of-sight velocity for different inclinations.

We show that the overall oscillation pattern can hide the infall signature of cores. A strong anticorrelation between the Mg ii equivalent width EW and the Eddington ratio is found, while only a weak positive correlation is found between the Fe ii EW Ira nude flatmodels the Eddington ratio.

To investigate the origin of these differing behaviors Ira nude flatmodels Mg ii and Fe ii emission lines, we perform photoionization calculations using the Cloudy code, where constraints from recent reverberation mapping studies are considered. We find from calculations that 1 Mg ii and Fe ii emission lines are created at different regions in a photoionized cloud, and 2 their EW correlations with the Eddington ratio can be explained by just changing the cloud gas density.

Ongoing and future spectroscopic surveys will measure numerous galaxy redshifts within tens of thousands of galaxy clusters. However, the sampling within these clusters will be low, per cluster.

With galaxies per ensemble phase space, the escape-velocity edge becomes readily identifiable and the presence of interloping galaxies is minimized. We develop and test an algorithm to trace the projected phase-space surface directly, which results in minimally Ira nude flatmodels dynamical mass estimates.

We then quantify how binning and sampling affect the phase-space-based mass estimates when using an observational proxy that incorporates realistic mass scatter, like richness, and find the added uncertainty in the binning procedure has minimal influence on the resulting bias and scatter of the stacked mass estimates.

Mansheim, B. Lemaux, W. Dawson, L. Lubin, D. Wittman, and S. We attempt to reveal the effects a Ira nude flatmodels may have had on the evolution of the cluster galaxies by tracing their star formation history. We probe current and recent activity to identify a possible star formation event at the time of the merger, using EWEWand measured from the composite spectra of 64 cluster and coeval field galaxies.

We also conduct a comprehensive study of the populations in this complex structure. Spectral results indicate the average cluster and Ira nude flatmodels red sequence galaxies experienced no enhanced star formation relative to the surrounding field during the merger, ruling out a predominantly merger-quenched population.

We find that the average blue galaxy in the Ira nude flatmodels cluster is currently active, and that the South cluster is perdiendo peso post-starburst, having undergone a recent star formation event.

Although the North activity could be Ira nude flatmodels or long-term merger effects, a young blue stellar population and irregular geometry suggest the cluster was still forming prior the collision. Even though the South activity coincides with the time of the merger, the blue early-type population could be a result of secular Ira nude flatmodels processes. The evidence suggests Adelgazar 50 kilos the dearth or surfeit of activity is indiscernible from Ira nude flatmodels cluster galaxy evolution.

Colm P. Coughlan, Rachael E. Scaife, Tom P. Ray, Martin E. Bell, Jess W. Stewart, Ralph A. Wijers, and Philippe Zarka. Radio observations of young stellar objects YSOs enable the study Ira nude flatmodels ionized plasma outflows from young protostars via their free—free radiation. However, without an indication of perdiendo peso low-frequency turnover in the free—free spectrum, these properties remain difficult to constrain.

The recovered total flux indicates that the free—free spectrum may be turning over near MHz.

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Ira nude flatmodels The Ira nude flatmodels of a stellar light curve owing to rotational modulation by magnetic Adelgazar 40 kilos starspots and faculae on the star's surface can be used to investigate the magnetic properties of the host star.

In this paper, we use the periodicity and magnitude of the light-curve variation as two proxies to study the stellar magnetic properties for a large sample of G-type Ira nude flatmodels sequence Kepler targets, for which the rotation periods were recently determined.

By Ira nude flatmodels the correlation between the two magnetic proxies, it is found that: These results indicate that stars with shorter rotation period tend to have positive correlation between the two proxies, and a good portion of the positive correlation stars have a larger magnitude of light-curve variation and hence more intense magnetic activities than negative correlation stars.

Galactic outflows play an important role in galactic evolution. Despite their importance, a detailed understanding of the physical mechanisms responsible for the driving of these Ira nude flatmodels is lacking. In an effort to gain more insight into the nature of these flows, we perform global three-dimensional magnetohydrodynamical simulations of an isolated Milky Way-size starburst galaxy.

We focus on the dynamical role of cosmic rays CRs injected by supernovae, and specifically on the impact of the streaming and anisotropic diffusion of CRs along the magnetic fields.

We find that these microphysical effects can have a significant effect on the wind launching and mass loading factors, depending on the details of the plasma physics.

Alternatively, CRs could scatter from "extrinsic turbulence" that is driven by another Ira nude flatmodels.

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Cosmic rays stream away from Ira nude flatmodels regions near the galactic disk along partially ordered magnetic fields and in the process accelerate more tenuous gas away from the galaxy. For CR acceleration efficiencies broadly consistent with Ira nude flatmodels observational constraints, CRs reduce the galactic star formation rates and significantly aid in launching galactic winds.

Alexander A. Lutovinov, Sergey S. Tsygankov, Roman A. Krivonos, Sergey V. Molkov, and Juri Poutanen. Mauricio Carrasco, L. Yee, and Michael West. Our spectroscopic analysis yields redshifts for 52 gravitational arcs present in the core of our galaxy Ira nude flatmodels, which correspond to 35 distinct background sources that are clearly distorted by the gravitational potential of these clusters.

These lensed galaxies Adelgazar 40 kilos a wide Ira nude flatmodels range of 0.

The redshift and mass ranges covered by our SL sample are 0. We analyze and quantify some possible effects that might bias our mass estimates, such as the presence of substructure, the region where cluster members are selected for spectroscopic follow-up, the final number of confirmed members, and line-of-sight effects. We find that 10 clusters of our sample with N mem 20 show signs of dynamical substructure.

However, the velocity data of only Ira nude flatmodels system is inconsistent with a uni-modal distribution. We therefore assume that the substructures are only marginal and not of comparable size to the clusters themselves.

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Consequently, our velocity dispersion and mass estimates can be used as priors for SL mass reconstruction studies Ira nude flatmodels also represent an important step toward a better understanding of the properties of the SL galaxy cluster population.

Models, Dynamics and Status. Testing Cosmogonic Ira nude flatmodels with Gravitational Lensing. Ostriker, Edwin L. Wide Separation Lenses.


Mortlock, R. Webster, P. Diercks, C. Stubbs, C. Hogan, E. Light Propagation in a Clumpy Universe. Surpi, D. Harari, J. Smette, J. Robertson, P. Shaver, D. Reimers, L. Wisotzki, Th. Smette, G. Williger, J. The Cores of Cluster Lenses. Ellis, Warrick J. Couch, Ray M. Sharples et al. Reconstruction of Cluster Mass Distributions: Gravitational Magnification and Ira nude flatmodels Masses.

Optimized Cluster Ira nude flatmodels. Beltrami Equation and Cluster Lensing. The Distribution of Dark Mass in Galaxies. Gravitational Lenses and the Structure of Galaxies. Weak Lensing by Individual Galaxies. Tereasa G.

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